Finding Love 6 ft Apart Infographic

RIght in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic and I was attending “Zoom University,” I was actually enrolled in one of my favorite classes – visual storytelling! We learned a lot about color design, all Adobe Creative Cloud applications, typography, and more. This was one of the infographics that I created in this class usingContinue reading “Finding Love 6 ft Apart Infographic”

Valentine’s Photoshoot Event Poster

For my Journalism 212 Graphic Design class, I gained experience with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and XD. One of our assignments was to create an event poster of any event for print. I decided to create a poster for a Valentine’s Photoshoot that was occurring at my place of work, Woof’s Play and Stay. Woof’s wasContinue reading “Valentine’s Photoshoot Event Poster”